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The Problem with our Dwindling Sand Reserves.

Whilst there isn’t a full-blown “sand crisis” dominating headlines, the depletion of sand around the globe and its environmental impact are serious concerns that require attention and action at local, national, and global levels. 

As the United Nations have previously reported “We must redouble our efforts to build a circular economy and take rubble to build structures anew, because without new thinking, the sands of time will run out”. 

Furthermore, the news release also states ‘Recycling construction material from demolition sites and developing the potential of ore-sand are two simple ways to reduce the consumption of new sand, while contributing to global circular economy ambitions’. 

The RIG solution is founded upon creating a circular economy within the Construction, Demolition, and Mining sectors and providing innovative solutions to help organisations within these spaces recycle, renew, and re-use their waste. RIG’s cutting edge wash plants utilises advanced washing technology inspired by natural material processing to efficiently process and recycle materials like specialist sands offering a comprehensive approach to helping to combat the sand crisis by recycling materials, minimising environmental impact, ensuring compliance, reducing costs, and promoting global sustainability efforts.