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UK Government to Clamp Down on Business Crime in the Waste Sector.

Did you know that only 25% of waste crime incidents are reported to the #EnvironmentAgency in the UK? As a result, there is a huge movement into addressing this issue. 

In recent years, the waste sector has faced significant challenges, ranging from environmental concerns to regulatory compliance. Among these challenges, the issue of crime within the sector, particularly permit breaches, has emerged as a serious threat. One of the primary concerns associated with permit breaches is the environmental impact. Illegal dumping and improper waste handling can lead to soil contamination, water pollution, and harm to wildlife. Moreover, such activities can jeopardise public health and compromise the integrity of ecosystems. 

As conscientious stewards of the environment, it is imperative to us, as a company operating in this industry to uphold the highest standards of integrity and compliance. 

At #RIG, we recognise the gravity of these issues and are committed to operating ethically and legally in all aspects of our business. Our adherence to stringent regulatory standards and best practices is not just a legal requirement but a fundamental principle guiding our operations.

To combat crime in the #wastesector, collaboration between industry stakeholders, regulatory bodies, and law enforcement agencies is essential. This collaboration can facilitate information sharing, improve enforcement mechanisms, and strengthen regulatory frameworks. Additionally, raising awareness among the public about the consequences of permit breaches can foster a culture of accountability and responsible waste management practices.

RIG prioritises transparency and accountability in our operations. We maintain meticulous records of our waste management processes, conduct regular audits, and invest in employee training to ensure compliance with regulations. Our commitment to #sustainability extends beyond mere compliance; it is a core value that informs every decision we make. We remain steadfast in our commitment to ethical business practices and environmental stewardship, setting a precedent for responsible waste management within the industry.  Read more here.