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Combatting Sand Dredging with Sustainable Solutions ♻

In an era where the destructive impacts of sand dredging are increasingly felt across the globe, we’re at the forefront of combatting this environmental crisis. 

We aim to be a leading waste management solution provider for the construction, demolition, mining, and marine dredging sectors, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional sand extraction practices. As the world grapples with the depletion of marine sand reserves and the devastation of precious ecosystems, our innovative approach presents a beacon of hope.

The recently unveiled Marine Sand Watch, the world’s first public data platform to monitor sand dredging activities, has shed light on the alarming trends of unchecked extraction. Pascal Peduzzi, Director of GRID Geneva, underscores the urgent need for action, highlighting the platform’s role in making the invisible visible. Our commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with the goals of the Marine Sand Watch, offering tangible solutions to mitigate the damaging effects of dredging on marine biodiversity and ecosystems.

With sand ranking as the world’s second-most-used commodity, the unsustainable path of current extraction practices poses a grave threat to environmental stability. Recycling It Global (RIG), recognises this challenge and offers a transformative solution: turning waste into reusable aggregate. By repurposing construction, demolition, mining, and marine dredging waste into valuable resources, we’re not only reducing the demand for virgin sand but also minimising the environmental footprint associated with traditional extraction methods. 

For more information on the global sand mining challenges read the latest UN environment programme news story, here.