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Product Viability Testing for Sub-63-Micron Waste Streams

We are currently investigating the alternative uses of silt produced by our processing operations. Silts are the non-plastic fines, they are inherently unstable in the presence of water and have a tendency to become “quick” when saturated that is, they assume the character of a viscous fluid and can flow. Silts are impervious, difficult to compact, and highly susceptible to frost heaving. Silt masses undergo change of volume with change of shape (the property of dilatancy), in contrast with clays, which retain their volume with change of shape (the property of plasticity). The dilatancy of silt together with its quick reaction to vibration affords a means of identifying typical silt in the loose, wet state. Due to the structural composition of silts, alternative use can be limited. RIG’s operations will produce high levels of silts as part of its process.

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